Photo Challenge : Focus

Focus : This week, show us your favorite in-focus and out-focus moments. 

So, this is my first post to join The Daily Post Challenge. It’s about focus — I have to share a photo that represents focus to me. Hmm.. I am not a good photographer but I like to takes photos with my phone’s camera. I agree that camera or lens is not always important than composition of the shot that I’m trying to create especially, a photo that tells us a story.

Here it is..

Focus : Photo Challenge
Jodipan, Malang, East Java – Mother always walk behind their children.

For me, this photo tells us a story, an understanding about how mother always walk behind their children. It’s tells us that a strong woman called mother always watches our steps and ready to catch us when we fall, unconditionally. I took this photo at Kampung Jodipan, Malang, East Java, when my friends and I took a one-day-trip there. FYI: Jodipan is a village under the bridge that was developed into a tourist destination by the government. Basically, it’s just a village with colorful paints and various sketch on the wall. But it is interesting. And it’s good for their income (of course).

Actually, I want to take the scene when the mother and daughter hold each other’s hands. That was such a beautiful moment for me. But I was too slow to grab my tab and opened the camera so there it is. It’s okay. This is going to be my favorite photo of my trip there. I know this is not a good photo, my tab camera didn’t even have auto focus (but it’s works well in the light and outdoors). For me, focus on this photo is on the mother and daughter, despite the colorful wall behind take a big composition in this photo.

As I said, it tells a story. A story about relationship between mothers and her daughter. I think not just in this photo, but mother all around the world always walks behind their children. A mother is like a home, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, and someone to hold on.

“Being a mother is learning about strengths you did not know you had. And dealing with fears you didn’t know existed,” – Linda Wooten

Photo Challenge

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