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“Hear Kid’s Honest Opinions on being a Boy or Girl Around the World” – is a video uploaded by National Geographic channel on Youtube. Actually, I did not remember the exact day when I watched that video. But I surely won’t forget this video, I even write this down immediately after watching it. Basically, the main core of what the video is declared on the title – interviewing some children about being a boy and girl.

kids honest opinion-1I was kinda surprised of the answers that the children gave to the NatGeo team. Especially, when a girl with pink T-shirt said that the best thing to be a girl is that she doesn’t have to pretend to be a girl anymore. “Like, were you a boy earlier?” I asked myself that time while continuing to watch the video whilst still confused about that answer. And yes, few seconds after that, the girl with the pink T-shirt said that she made transition from boy to girl. That made me think, world nowadays has become more complicated and multicultural. It may be strange for me but I also can’t judge anyone for what they do as I remembered about that famous qoute by Pope Francis ‘Who am I to judge?’

I am also touched by another answer, as a girl from Gaza Strip described that sadness was when she saw her home destroyed in the war. I paused the video for a second and realized that the definition of sadness could be so wide. And I felt like my ‘sadness’ was nothing compared to her. I should really thankful for what I have now.

kids honest opinion-3Another honest answer by a boy from Canada named Drake slammed me. He said that he will not change anything, because he liked what he had and what he didn’t have so he had to be apperciative about that. Maturity can’t be determined with age, because most people including me wouldn’t answer like that. I should live my life with great gratitude so I could appreciate whatever happen to me.

Children may know less about this real life but hearing their answer about life makes me realize that sometimes I have to be innocent like a younger me. Life may be complicated but their simplicity is actually the answer of what we should think of.

Honestly, I miss my childhood

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So here’s the video :

Special thanks to my english teacher Ms. Merci and Rosalina Riady (grammar checker) who never get bored to help me with my writing. Hehehe

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  1. Because kids don’t overthink on anything. They always have hopes, no matter how tough their life is. Kids will always be a good “wake up call” for the adults.